{ Re-recording Mixing }

Re-recording mixing is the last audio process in the creation of a motion picture project where all of the sound elements are tactfully and tastefully mixed together in either mono, stereo, 5.1/7.1 surround sound, or full Dolby Atmos.

Our mix room uses industry standard equipment including:

     > Steinberg Nuendo 11 – creating surround and immersive sound mixes (from 2.0/5.1/7.1/7.1.4)

     > Avid Pro Tools 12

     > Plugins – Massively powerful restoration and processing tools from Izotope, UAD, and Waves; as well as Avid, McDSP, DMGAudio, Focusrite, Softube, Plugin Alliance, Fabfilter, SoundRadix

     > Mastercheck Pro, Izotope Insight, and Waves WLM for loudness monitoring

     > DA Conversion from Focusrite and UA

Utilizing both analog and digital technologies to achieve the highest quality possible, Garrett Audio adapts to client projects quickly.

As a Supervising Sound Editor, we are comfortable working at other dub stages as well, allowing clients to utilize personnel and facilities they may have existing relationships with.

{ Sound Editorial }

Sound Editorial services include editing, cleaning, and restoration of dialogue, Foley, and ambient sound tracks. Using industry standard technology, along with the knowledge and skill that bring out the best in your production tracks, we can master your tracks to save time on the mix stages.

{ Foley and SFX }

Foley is the recording and placement of sound effects and sound nuances that help complete a soundtrack. These include sounds such as dinnerware clanking, glasses clinking, clothes rustling, or people walking/running. We can fully replace any sound or environment that was captured during a shoot that may not have the impact you really need.

We also have a sound effects library to pull from when Foley might not work or time might be most critical for finishing. Original sounds effects from Garrett Audio, created over the last 20 years, will help support your picture, while others are from production sound libraries like Sound Ideas are readily available.

{ ADR }

Automated’ dialogue replacement (aka, dubbing) services are for syncing newly recorded dialogue tracks with the existing picture in real-time. Carefully matching up the dialogue track and environment for which the original picture was shot. Sometimes simple, sometimes not so. Replacing your dialogue can be critical if your audience cannot understand what is being said. We also partner with area studios from Cape Cod to Boston, to make it easier for your talent to travel.