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(BpM) Beachpoint Mastering ( operates on the beautiful shores of Cape Cod in
Massachusetts. Catering to the indie music scene locally, we offer mastering services currently from a private facility, centrally located in the mid-cape area of South Yarmouth. We also host classes in Mastering at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod (in their Night Owl Recordings studio) as well as our own mastering room.

While many mastering facilities utilize super high-end equipment and space that cater to larger, more mainstream artists, they also command rates from $80-400/song or hour. We have designed our facilities to be able to achieve competitve results at indie artist rates beginning at…

  • $35/song* for teens
  • $50/song** for indie artists

We also provide restorative audio services for projects such as narration, dialog for feature films and documentaries, as well as music from video and film sound tracks. These services start at $75/hr, and we use the same tools as used in Hollywood studios!

If you are working with tape, be it ¼”, ½”, 1”, or 2”, we offer a transfer service through one of our partners. Please contact us in regards to pricing and policies for tape handling.

*/**- includes metadata entry (artist, title, ISRC codes, etc), digital files (each of an mp3 and final .wav or .aiff), and backup session files (client provides storage media)


  • CD Masters – $25/CD Redbook standard for duplication, Barcode entry
  • DDP Image – $50 for duplication master – includes player for client
  • CD copies for handing out – $5 ea

I invite you to inquire or visit us to understand what we have to offer. Your project is important to us, because it is important to you.

Email me at and visit our website at